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14-Jan-2020 18:01

Because it’s 4x faster than before, you can now create an area of focus in your photo nearly instantaneously.

Text Wrapping is also significantly speedier, especially when using a gradient, pattern or texture as text. Now Paint Shop Pro's circle and ellipse selections have cross hairs that identify the point of origin, enabling you to center a selection over a specific area more precisely. Preview the thumbnails in your Organizer palette at a larger size with one left click to select your thumbnail, and a single click of your space bar to invoke the Quick Preview window.

Learn more Experience a faster, more efficient photo editing program.

Thanks to you, our loyal users, we made some significant product improvements.

We drastically reduced the launch time—by over 50% from the last version.

We accelerated the speed of some of your favorite editing features.

For seamless editing, you can hide or show the overlay with a simple shortcut key.

Enjoy faster editing features, including a more responsive Depth of Field.

Discover Painter Essentials 5’s photo-painting tools that will easily transform your pictures into impressive art right before your eyes.