Windows automatic updates not updating help for dating

16-Apr-2020 06:01

Although Microsoft has disabled Windows Update customization options in Windows 10, there are a few ways present to block or manually download Windows updates in Windows 10.

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Enabling this option will ensure you that all Windows updates will receive enough testing before they get installed in your computer.It also fixes several security issues if found in Windows operating system.In previous Windows versions such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, Microsoft always allowed Windows users to customize Windows Update settings.To set your Internet connection as Metered, follow these simple steps: 1.

Open Settings app from Start Menu and go to "Network & Internet". Now select your Internet connection type from left-side pane and then click on Internet Connection name in right-side pane. Now set the slider to On present under "Metered Connection". Now Windows will not automatically download or install new updates in your computer as far as you keep your Internet connection as Metered.

It also helped in saving valuable Internet connection bandwidth if the user was on a limited Internet connection.

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