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26-Apr-2020 21:08

” [From The National Enquirer, print edition, March 26, 2018] It’s possible that The Enquirer found the identity of the guy in the photos and that he’s a lawyer but that Garner is just seeing him professionally.

She must need legal services for her career and of course for her divorce. It’s just a sidebar article, they’re not honing in on US Weekly’s misleading cover about Ben and Jen’s non-reunion.

These almanacs are a mine of information, containing listings of tradesmen, residents, public officials, churches and chapels, schools, societies and institutes, local events, obituaries and many other useful snippets of information so valuable for the local and family historian.

Accompanied by fascinating display advertisements and photographic illustrations. Very useful for family history and local history research.

Useful reading for all family historians with mining ancestors, and for social historians interested in Victorian and Edwardian working-class life.

1926 Transcripts in English of Court Rolls for the Manor of Sheffield, Yorkshire, c.1384-1660. Essential for family historians with Sheffield and district ancestors.

There’s no mention in the article if it’s the same guy from the photos or if he’s met her kids. introduced her new lawyer beau to family members during a New Year’s weekend in Montana…