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The work should Proceed from the left toward the right of the m e. The distributing is done with the right hand by picking from the line a pinch °f type between the thumb and index finger and dropping each letter and space into the the proper compartment. Mc Clellan The Practice of Typography -Title Pages, by T. De Vinne; chapters IX and XI, Part I; XII, XIII, and XIV, Part II; XVII and XX, Part III Printing, by Charles Thomas Jacobi Principles of Advertising Arrangement, by F. Parsons Printing and Bookbinding for Schools, by S.

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Jarvis delivered a very inter- esting and entertaining lecture at assembly Tuesday morning, his sub- ject being "The War Situation on the Western Front." Mr. Opportunity is taken at this time to thank all who contributed to make the whole affair a success. Page Two Stoutonia Printed and Published every Wednesday by the students at THE STOUT INSTITUTE Menomonie, Wis. ■ Committees Appointed for Annual Picnic Faculty committees to plan ,and prepare for the Annual Summer Ses- sion Picnic were appointed by Mr. When he had the white duck trousers and the white shirt and collar off, be just laughed at all of us 'cause he had been prepared for it all the time and under his street clothes he displayed a bathing suit which, by the way, served him well in the numerous fancy dives he made later. But this fake accident was not the only feature of the exhibition.

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Buxton at a faculty meeting held Tuesday at the close of school. Two of the fellows made high dives from up in the clouds somewhere and came out of it without a scratch. Before leaving this summer, students should endeavor to find out whether any of the principles being worked out in the course are applicable to the work they are doing at home. It is the beginning of existence, the commencement of ease and the end of trouble. But when he and Williams got into an argument about methods of leav- ing the spring board, Williams took the best end of the argument by pushing Landon into the pool, clothes and all. Perhaps the large number of colds is caused by the Draft. Thomas Alton, of Columbia, Mo., made the trip to Stout on his faith- ful "old two wheeler." Alton made the same trip on his "Indian" last summer. Jimerson's plumbing class received special in- dividual honors when they enrolled Monday. If you weren't, you missed one of the times cf your life. Lymvood Hall, and anyway, tnosc girls would rather sleep than eat so early in the morn- ing.