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15-Jun-2020 06:06

But rather than simply deny it (through a rep or a tweet that begins "C'mon, people"), Sophia had a good laugh with her faux-lover about it--then employed the ever-more-useful i Phone screenshot to share the fun with all of us.

Why can't people just date who we tell them to (cough-cough, Stone/Gosling)?

He has had many relationships but at present he is settled with Claudia Traisac.

Back then, speculations have started when a source reportedly told People magazine: She was born on 5th June Josh Hutcherson Girlfriend or Wife Josh is presently 24 years of age and is too young for the responsibility of marriage considering the current condition of generation but he is certainly matured enough to taste the flavours of love and he did so.

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But she totally brightened our Friday with this funny and utterly real reaction to a tabloid scoop that OMG SHE AND JOSH HUTCHERSON ARE CANOODLING. The below is a text-convo between Sophia, Josh and her friend Cameron about all the fuss surrounding the rumors and this pic. This all being said, now I'm somewhat attached to the idea of Sophia and Josh hooking up. Their offspring would have THE best cheekbones/jawlines.

Furthermore, an onlooker seems to have confirmed what everyone has been thinking about for a while now by stating: An actress famous for her role in Freddie was born on 27th December in Reflecting on one of the scenes where he fires two guns at the same time, Josh said 'I felt so badass.