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08-Apr-2020 17:31

Guten Tag, I was downtown Madison Wisconsin today driving around to pick something up from the store. First I saw an interracial couple downtown Madison at Capital Center Foods, then after that one at Walgreens on S. I think they are a serious threat, especially to non-blacks.

I saw many couples walking and driving around, but they were all, and I mean all, interraccial with a white girl and a black man. Park St., I saw a mexican driving a car with a white woman in the passenger seat. This is what happened to that neighborhood when black took it over.

In extreme circumstances the southerner will fight but rarely without the support of a horde of his equally coward friends.I said to the arabian man who was working there, "I think somebody just got ran over out there". I paid for my stuff and said have a good night to the clerk, then the clerk asked why that black man was in the store (I assume that he kicked him out previously for doing something wrong).By the way, the clerk gave me a $.50 discount on my purchase so I wouldn't have to break a .And they announce that they are jews just so we know they are different people to the crazy whites! I think that alot of white males find ****** women to be too repulsive for it to work the other way around.

Some might find them attractive but I certainly do not!I am Swiss and it saddens me to say that we aren't as tough as our forefathers used to be but it is the crude truth!Originally posted by Guile Assassin What I would like to see in this post are ideas and truths behind this interracial couples problem. Why do white girls do this when at least some of them know that they will get pregnant and the black man behind will leave them afterwords?I noticed that many American (even WNs) seem to think that negroes are very tough and brave people. Trust me I seen it with my own eye and made many experiences myself : they are not, they are just good actors who often face wimps.