Ukbi chat

25-Apr-2020 07:17

This information is based on my personal experience and in no way guarantees that your Thai partner will be granted a visa to visit the UK.Each application is decided on its individual merit by an Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) on behalf of UK Immigration & Visas.

Every application is slightly different, and having the right documentation isn’t a guarantee of an approval, thus you will see the words “any other documents in support of your application” in the text. This will help you present your documentation in an organised fashion.Go back to the pre-considerations and make sure you have all that information to hand – otherwise you won’t be able to complete the application in one sitting. You may get it done quicker, but it’s best to give yourself this time so that you don’t get stressed out. At this stage, you can choose an appointment day and time to submit your application.Pick a time when you aren’t likely to be distracted and you aren’t tired. If you are in Bangkok, this must be done in person at The Trendy Building in Sukhumvit (all the details are in Step 6).Make sure you take a copy of the payment receipt and appointment letter with you on submission day (see the reminder list in Step 5).