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05-Apr-2020 21:17

After all, sometime in the next decade Bigelow Aerospace envisions putting a hotel complex in orbit, "where people will probably be recreating and having sex," Bonta said.

Woodmansee said sex would be "the killer app of space tourism ...

Today, NASA follows something of a "don't ask, don't tell" policy on the subject — leading Logan to stress that he was not representing the space agency at Sunday's panel discussion.

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In fact, perform are now living in the age of mighty internet, in which almost everything is only a number of clicks away.

Logan also noted that the proper formation of neural connections — a process that continues even after birth — requires movement under gravity loading.

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Having sex in the weightlessness of outer space is the stuff of urban legends and romantic fantasy — but experts say that there would be definite downsides as well.… continue reading »

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