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Rural communities suffer many of these consequences.Iowa, for example, ranks high in surface water pollution from fertilizers, pesticides, and eroded soil.As part of the International Conference of Doble Clients, Doble’s Rotating Machinery Committee is presenting a one and half day tutorial focused on rotating machinery and electrical plant reliability – open to the public.Learn from the experts on how to reliably operate and maintain the electrical side of your generating or industrial plant.Federal farm policies have played a major role in creating the dominant corn-and-soybean cropping system in the Midwest. agricultural system to prioritize investments in healthy foods and farms —but not without you.Changes to these policies and investments are now needed to shift this system. Your generous support helps develop science-based solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.

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How can farmers maintain productivity and profitability while protecting soil and preventing pollution?

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Demand for these commodities is lower, and infrastructure is in shorter supply.

We assume that new markets for these crops will emerge to meet supply over time, but farmers may initially be daunted. Adding new crops to farmers’ usual rotations may require significant up-front investments and raise costs in the short term.It typically leaves fields bare for much of the year and uses plowing practices that result in unsustainable levels of erosion.It relies on heavy fertilizer use, which allows excess nitrogen to escape into our air and water, costing the nation an estimated 7 billion per year in human health and environmental damages.And lenders unfamiliar with the potential profitability of longer rotation systems may be unwilling to make the loans that farmers need in order to adopt them.

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