Psp shuts off when updating

28-Mar-2020 06:58

Dust is an electronics killer and the PS3 is no different.

The first thing to try would be just taking your PS3 outside and blowing some compressed air through the bottom vents and around the PS3.

If you don't have the receipt or it's past one year then you're at a crossroads.

You can try and repair the PS3 yourself, but then you'll void the warranty once you remove the warranty seal.

You can replace the hard drive with virtually any SATA drive under 500 Gigs.

I recommend New since they usually have the best deals.

It's pretty self-explanatory the only problem most people run into immediately is that they don't have a T10 Security Hex screwdriver readily available.

You can buy them at speciality electronic shops and sometimes at Radio Shack but I suggest calling to see if they have one before trekking over.

psp shuts off when updating-86

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If keep getting a drive corrupted message or the PS3 keeps looping you into the same process there's a strong possibility your hard drive is failing.

Here's what I suggest you try just in case it's something else causing the problem. The advantage of using one of these is that you won't have to open the PS3, which for some can be a pain.

If that didn't work, Sony has always suggested a firmware update / and or a System Restore.

I won't even bother describing how you could even attempt to do it since the chances of you being successful without the proper equipment is almost zero. If you can't perform the System Restore and you know someone else with a PS3 the easiest way to fix the problem is to remove your hard drive from your system and place it into another PS3.

IT WILL NOT CHANGE OR DAMAGE the working PS3 so don't worry, we're just swapping them temporarily.Afterwards your lid will never be 100% secure but it's not that big of a deal so don't fret. Clean it in a circular motion and then if there are any fibers of cotton, give it a little blow or if you happen to have a eyeglass cloth or micro-fiber cloth clean the lens with it.Depending on what you've read or watched don't waste money on a stupid cleaning kit. Just use care and clean it like the sensitive piece of electronics that it is. Once you've replaced the laser the PS3 will work just like before.All you need to do at this point is a quick scrub of the laser with a q-tip with some cleaning solvent (cd /dvd cleaner or distilled water or even windex) DO NOT USE nail polish / acetone. Now when that doesn't work now's the time to go ahead and order a replacement drive. If you've got a shiny silver bottom on the bottom of your blu-ray drive then you've got the KES-410A. NOTHING besides playing your discs correctly will change. The very first thing you should try is a manual display reset.

PS3 works longer when you first turn it on, then shuts off when it gets too hot. 5. No Power, red blinking lights, three beeps, etc. No… continue reading »

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Carefully put the PSP battery lid back on but be careful as turning the PSP off or dropping the battery out of the PSP will reset you back to 5.03 and you will have to install chickHEN all over again and believe me you don’t want to have keep getting chickHEN to run on your PSP.… continue reading »

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