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28-Jan-2020 12:17

So log in to OWA and test if you can see the new users there.

I’m giving it a 99% chance that you will (and if you don’t you have a serious problem at hand!

This lets you specify which GAL is available to users who use Microsoft Office Outlook.

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The easiest thing to do here is to create a new oab, forge generation, assign it to a mailbox database and force downloading of the oab in an outlook client to verify if that worked. In outlook, click on the down arrow next to Send/receive. Note that if asked, you should select to download the entire address book and not just the changes. In the action pane select the New offline address book 4.

Outlook Web Access will always return the first GAL that is listed in the attribute for the user.

If the user does not have permission to access that GAL, they will receive an error message that tells them that access is denied.

Free Download of Solar Winds Exchange Monitor As an alternative to clicking in the Exchange Management CONSOLE, you could type commands in the Exchange Management SHELL.

Using cmdlets like those below will save you time, more so when you realize that every Exchange 2007 configuration task has a faster command-line equivalent.You can test this by browsing to the OAB using the Exchange Offline Address Book Url: The reason it can not be reached might be because it is a new installation. If you can reach the Management Console, go to the Offline Addressbooks and click on Update.Updating the OAB is also possible through the Power Shell console …The key issue here is that there are new users added to the directory but they are not showing up in outlook.