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SECTION 3.5 At all times the Permittee shall comply and shall require all of Permittee's family, agents, employees, business visitors, guests and invitees to comply with all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, including those of the local, state and federal government.

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Anchoring or mooring of any vessel is at the sole risk of the Permittee.(m) “Pier” means a structure built out into the water with piles for use as a landing place.(n) “Storage” means the mooring, berthage, wharfage, or anchorage of a vessel.(c) Execute on behalf of the District, Temporary Anchoring Permits for moorings, anchorages, and berths within the District's jurisdiction.

(d) Order any vessel improperly moored, anchored, or berthed, or in violation of any provision of this ordinance, to change its position to one as the Harbor Master shall designate or to remove the same from the District's jurisdiction, and in the event the Harbor Master's orders are not complied with, to cause such vessel to be moved and to collect the cost thereof from such vessel Permittee or owner thereof.The ranking results reflect your search criteria and our assessment of the attractiveness of the offer compared to other offers available on our site.It also reflects the compensation paid by the booking site.(q) “Waters” means navigable waters of the United States and waters which come under the jurisdiction of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, and any other waters within the state with the exception of those privately owned.

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