Long dating honeymoon phase

12-Jul-2020 07:45

Traditional wedding vows recognize this reality; they emphasize the promise to stick with your spouse through better, worse, sickness, health, richer, and poorer.You will inevitably face all of these realities in one form or another, but today we turn our attention toward the most exciting, most hopeful, and most dangerous phase: the Honeymoon Period..Limerence is the advertiser’s view of love: infatuation, strong sexual attraction, and consequence-less moonlit walks on deserted beaches. The problem with the Honeymoon Period is that it ends. When this happens, the real work of building a relationship becomes apparent, but this is often a shock to the system.At a purely scientific level, limerence lasts only about two years. Couples that rely too much on inertia and adrenaline in the early days can struggle to make the transition into more mature phases of love, such as attunement, trust, and true intimacy. Consider oxytocin, one of the most active hormones during limerence.

And once you move through these, you’re available to genuinely fall in love with the person in front of you.

I can already foresee we will have many problems and issues in the future with us being so opposite. The honeymoon phase is that time in the beginning of a relationship where you’re so chemically doped up with love and pleasure hormones that the world is a brighter place; food tastes better, every song on the radio is just awesome and everyday is a good hair day.