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I didn't care about appearances at this point, so I turned around and cracked it really loud. I get so turned on when girls crack their bones like that." Then two minutes later asked me where he saw us going with our "relationship." I said "Honestly?

He literally shuddered and then breathed out "whooooaaa." I was like "What? Nowhere."He ended up flirting with the waitress until he noticed she had a ring on her finger. Back in seminary, we had an activity where we were paired up and told to go on creative dates. The other two guys and me picked up our dates on a Saturday afternoon, blindfolded them, and took them to a grocery store.

We made the blindfolded girls pick out food and then we took it back to someone's house to eat it.

When I look back on it I think it must have looked super creepy to the other people in the store.

She was highly educated and had a very professional job.

On her first date with an online Mormon guy she met, he came to her place to pick her up.

Cities: Provo, Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, Ogden, Utah, St.

i knew the guy's fiancee and she said he just barely got home from his mission and wanted to go on a blind date before he got married. having the other guy sing hymns to us in the parking lot of the dorms until just before curfew.This is the first time they had ever met in person. I kept trying to discourage it, because he'd have to drive 4 hours from where he lived to get to me, but he was relentless! I mention I wanted to go on a mission (I was still pretty TBM at the time) and he laughed in my face.She felt bad for him and hung out with him for a few weeks as a friend. A few weeks later he is at her house late playing board games with her and her brother. I finally conceded; he literally wouldn't let me say no or put it off until we were closer. He said "You can't go on a mission." And I said, derisively, "Why not? It's so dangerous for girls." That pissed me right off, and I was ready to call of the date then and there, but we already had a freaking dinner and movie to see later and he was driving. But I think it’s an interesting discussion in this crazy and confusing dating world. And you have this stripped-down bubble called Utah. They don’t say “oh my god.” They do not laugh too loud.

Take away the best snow for skiing that exists on Earth (at least it used to be before the globe started warming).

he's such a great guy" or "don't break his heart!