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They also set up dozens of surveillance cameras around the school so they could watch Allison's every move while also monitoring every phone call, text, and email she sent and received, forcing her to go to great lengths to hide her continued relationship with Scott.When Victoria found a note from Scott in Allison's textbook that said "Remember I love you" and was warned by Scott's mother, Melissa Mc Call, that the two were still having relations, Victoria became furious and went against the Code (which dictated that they only hunt adult Werewolves after they have proof that the Werewolf has spilled innocent human blood) by plotting to kill Scott herself.When Parrish tried to motivate Chris to help him straighten out the rebar by getting him angry enough to tap into the little adrenaline remaining in his body, Chris argued that he had nothing left, implying that the deaths of his wife Victoria and his daughter Allison had taken most of the fight out of him.You know, the question I had after Gerard first told me about our family? " He quoted me Winston Churchill-- "The price of greatness is responsibility." Personally, I think it's more about knowledge.What we know, the truth, what we know about the world?That makes us responsible-- for a young couple, their daughter, anyone who doesn't have the power to defend themselves. In Teen Wolf, Hunters are a secret organization of self-appointed protectors of the human community from supernatural threats; though they typically focus on Werewolves, they have also been known to hunt other supernatural creatures as well, such as Berserkers, Werejaguars, and Kanimas.Fortunately for Scott, despite Chris' earlier argument, he eventually agreed to help them out of fear that Boyd and Cora could harm innocent people while in their rabid state of mind.In Lunar Ellipse, Victoria Argent appeared in flashbacks experienced by Allison Argent while she was between life and death in the Surrogate Sacrifice Ritual.

"This is something different.""Well, do you know what did it? It'll have descriptions, histories, notations of all the thing that they've discovered." The Bestiary is a system of documentation collected over the years by hunters who use it to keep records of everything they have hunted, particularly if they come upon "new" supernatural creatures their ancestors had yet to encounter, or if they learn any additional weaknesses of these creatures that can be used to their advantage.

Araya argued that Victoria honored the Hunter tradition until her dying breath, but Chris insisted that she would have honored her family better by living, even as a Werewolf, implying that Chris regretted his role in his wife's suicide and no longer agreed that a person was better off dead than surviving as a shapeshifter.

In A Promise to the Dead, Jordan Parrish found Chris in the Underground Tunnels after having been impaled by Peter Hale with a piece of rebar and pinned against the wall so he couldn't leave to warn Scott Mc Call and the rest of the Mc Call Pack of his alliance with Chris' sister Kate Argent, who was recently revealed to still be alive and to be a Werejaguar.

Despite Victoria going against the Code in her attempt to kill Scott, she was still devoted enough to it to follow its mandate that a Hunter who is bitten by an Alpha must kill themselves before their first transformation on the following full moon, and when she was unable to speak to Allison about what was going to occur, she asked Chris to be with her when she died in Allison's bedroom, as she wanted to be close to Chris and Allison when she left this life.

After making Chris promise that he and Allison would lie and tell everyone she had a history of depression that caused her to become suicidal, the two had a quiet moment together before Victoria's eyes glowed gold, signalling it was time to end her life; Chris wrapped his arms around Victoria's torso and helped her stab herself in the chest with a knife before kissing her on the temple.

The Hunter will also typically etch their family's symbol into their bullets or arrowheads; for example, Chris, Kate, and Allison etched the Argent family fleur-de-lis into their ammunition, whereas the Calaveras, whose family name is Spanish for "skull," carves that symbol into their bullet casings.