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When my scalp hurts, it happens in patches that become red or bumpy. When I had more hair, it would be so agonizing trying to find the tender spot, and dealing with it. Thick cream like Black & White also seem to alleviate some of the sensation. Millie My hair is falling out really bad but I first notice my scalp being very tender to the touch, now I get sporadic sharp stinging pains and it strangely feels dead and extremely sensitive at the same time.There is usually one hair or a group of hair that is very tender. Sometimes the hair is brittle and literally snaps off. Now I have less hair, I can usually find where the problem is. I wish I could numb my head with some anagelsic or something?? My dermatologist put those shots in my scalp, and that helped for a week. I get desperate and try anything–I asked my dermatologist what to do and she said “Whatever works”. Blessings, Lynn Hello Lynn, My scalp not only hurts, but it’s very,very red. The more shampoos I try, it just seems to make it more irritated. My scalp feels hot,sore, and “crawlie” or “tinglie”. If hurts to wash my hair, it even hurts when the wind blows it.

But for myself when I do get it, it hurts to wash my hair, touch my scalp or even lie on a pillow. Little hairs are finally poking out of the back of my head through the long hairs the last 2 weeks) almost in the order they fell out in Feb and March top, sides then back.

Elle – Do you still continue to have the burning and itchiness?

Do you notice that it’s when your hair is shedding or right before a shed.

I know the relief will happen when I find the tender spot, and do something to ease the sensation. I went to the dermatologist and she said she saw nothing wrong with my scalp so she doesn’t know what is causing it.

I’m actually getting a little scared, this can’t be good. Hi Dianna, I really don’t what causes this awful painful occurrence but it doesn’t usually last forever. It has been several years now with absolutely no answers. I have lost about half my hair with a painful reminder of the loss daily in my scalp. I can’t take much more of this pain Hi Mindy, My regular doctor gave me Lexapro 10 mg.

Apparently there a correlation between hair loss, telogen effluvium and scalp pain, also called trichodynia.