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29-Apr-2020 06:50

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A screen name is any name chosen by a person at a time when he/she is using a computer network or the Internet.A screen name can also be referred to as 'username'.

The fact that popularity of whatsapp group is ever growing and tens of thousands of new groups being created on daily basis, people are quickly running out of great ideas for group names. I think we now have the largest collection of group names available on the Internet. I will request all our friends to keep contributing to this list of group names so that we keep expanding our database. Found a few group names that might just be worth noting. I think if we take off the restriction of using only English names, we would have hundreds of entries here, but we are definitely not doing it.

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I request all the members to contribute their own whatsapp group names if they haven't already been added to the list we're building here. Here are some more group names for active groups - Update: Here's an updated list of funny and cool whatsapp group names:- The Gangnam Style, The Ganguram Style, Chatter , FRANNDS, F.

We could make a huge collection and update the first post. The other day I saw some people discussing "What should we keep the name for a Whats App friends group"? P, Gossip Goose, SWAGGER, Phone Buddies, The Ego Alters, The Clerks, 30 Rockers (if the members are all 30 years of age), Bloat Headers, Unmarried, The Madison Square, So So Group, Talented People, Queens, Purani T-Shirt, The Talk Stars etc.