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The water felt so luxuriant and comforting on her soft tight youthful pale golden skin that it made her feel safe, loved and oh so warm inside.

Her firm nipples parted the falling streams like rocks in a turbulent roaring river and like the rocks the nipples were not likely to get soft anytime soon.

Her wet hands slid down her taut well muscled belly to curl softly around her cute little navel, tickling and teasing as they moved down her quickly heating body.

Her hungry fingers moves slowly down through the rivulets of cascading water to circle around her steamy pussy, stroking and lightly pinching her outer lips causing them to puff fuller and get even more sensitive.

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Many of her friends were into double digits and some were even into the triples! But as her precious special thing it was worth more than gold and diamonds.2 of the men, well boys really, she had given herself to were boys she had known for years and the one she had been in a committed relationship with for over a year before she decided it was time to give each other their virginity.

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