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Programs that provide immediate assistance for people who are in emotional distress, a danger to themselves or to others, or who are or perceive themselves to be in life - threatening situations and are unable to cope with a problem that requires immediate action. Clearly, Young & Free Maine is having a positive impact on Maine’s credit unions in attracting more young adult members.”“We recognize that our credit union needs to continue to get younger.The Society offers a legal information and referrals program.This program provides legal information and referrals to individuals as they navigate through the legal and judicial system.

CCSA offers four core programs: Children and Youth, Integration and Civic Engagement (ICE), Health Program, and Legal Program.Their staff will assist clients to identify legal issues and prioritize legal needs.The Distress Centre offers a main crisis and addictions line as well as specialty phone lines providing crisis intervention and information and referral services 24/7, 365 days a year.Topics in this section of the Alberta Courts website include: Mediation Programs; Family Justice Services; Court Forms and Orders Services (formly known as the Family Law Information Centre (FLIC) and LIn C - Law Information Centres); Judgments; Jury Duty; ; Sheriff - Civil Enforcement; Review / Assessment Office; Rules of Court; Transcript Management Services; Publications; Video Conferencing.

They also offer: Information services for the public on court procedures and legal services options; assistance with locating and filling out court forms; and referrals to other community legal services, as well as assessment services, dispute resolution services for child support, family and child medication, conflict intervention, family mediation, and civil mediation to help parties who filed an action in small claims court to reach a negotiated settlement.

Young & Free is an ideal model for true multi-media, integrated marketing.