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01-Aug-2020 16:59

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“There were a lot of emotions in Sweden,” Nathan said.And it was at dinner after a close friend had been eliminated when he first told Tori he loved her. “It was kind of like speed dating, but more like Swede dating,” he said as the couple laughed.

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The jet lag hadn’t quite worn off, and “everyone on the bus was fighting right away because they’re just Americans and they’re dramatic and they’re bickering. “And Nathan goes, ‘Hey, hey, I’m going to get a tattoo that says chill out, what ya’ yelling for?

’ He just says that right in the middle of everyone being nasty and passive-aggressive.” She laughed again when he surprised everyone with the creepy old-man mask he packed from home — and again each time he made the tired joke about the crew taking “wide shots” for the people with wide-screen TVs.

“Everyone who’s ever been on this show says it changes you.

It changes you completely because you’re in the moment and you see your other life back home from a different perspective.The wedding was in traditional Swedish “lagom” style — not too much, not too little. “I get more texts from his mom every day than I do from my best friends. She combined soybeans and baled most of the straw last summer.Later that day, they had a dance and reception where they served, of course, Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy, pickled herring, green beans, and rice pudding with lingonberries. Nathan and Tori could have dreamed of winning the big prize until the cows came home, but nothing could be better than these cows and this dream. Sofia Eng, a Los Angeles casting director for the show, says Feb. At this very moment, a Boston-area production company is auditioning for a farm reality show on a major cable network.* The initial concept targeted Midwestern “milkmaids”; they wanted an iconic dairy farming family, with multiple daughters in dating or marrying range. Little nuggets like that,” Carter said., but the producers are changing direction.