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Should you get stopped for not meeting the dress code, organizers will not be able to help. v=FVXFyh_6VKU&list=PL0_NRE_GPk MWKCT76n8ui1RRJlruo0_vj https:// We also request you do not respond to any unsolicited meetup messages from strangers or members who you have only just met. The people at every meetup social are different as is the venue, environment, energy etc. Attend at least 3 of them before you decide to become a life long member or stop attending. Come with a positive mind and cheerful, meet lots of people and involve others. We combine these groups at many of our events and as a result we will have a much larger group of people attending than appears on the RSVPs above.Event cost: Ladies & Gents : AED 50 (this includes 1 beverage - alcoholic or non alcoholic after pm) Getting there: Ruth's Chris is located in The Address Hotel, Marina (next to Dubai Marina Mall) The closest metro station is JLT Valet parking is available at the hotel for a nominal fee ------------------------------------------- MEMBER VIDEOS WE KNOW THAT ATTENDING A SOCIAL EVENT ALONE AND FOR THE FIRST TIME CAN BE SCARY AND NERVE RACKING. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT FROM AN EXPATS CLUB MEETUP? --------------------------- Top Tips on making the best of our Meetups 1. Please remember that the organisers are there to help you socialise and so go meet them as soon as you come to an event. These additional members are shows as guests of our organizers.If that is the case, what is the best way for a single expat guy to meet women? Collecting the business cards of various women is also a good tactic.Note that expat guy is open to a serious relationship but will play the field first (if indeed there is much of a field in existence). Anyone that refuses your advances, beat them into a coma in a pub car park. Send this to as many random women as you can, this includes shop assistants, women in Starbucks, even driving alongside a female at 120 kph.You may have however outgrown frenetic clubbing evenings with teeny boppers and loud music and are yet not ready for long quiet evenings alone at home.You may be looking to meet with compatible, well travelled people with similar interests but diverse experiences, with the possibility of forging friendships based on deeper connections.We have an area reserved for our members, so when you arrive please ask for Expats Meetup (or Rima) Between pm and pm our group can avail happy hour / discounted prices Members will be given their 1 complimentary beverage (pre decided by the venue) by pm. Organizers will be there to help you and introduce you to the other members…. We, almost always, tend to have a very good gender, age and cultural balance. Please get in touch with Rima on [masked] or Raj on [masked] (whasapp only) in case if you have any genuine questions (when you call or message - mention your name) --------------------------- MEMBER SAFETY ADVICE Member safety and enjoyment of our meetup's is very important to us. Comment, review and feedback: This is a community and it requires both online and offline engagement with other members as well as the organisers.

-------------------------Dubai can be a wonderful city for the globally aware expatriate.An evening at Ruth's Chris is the perfect way to socialize and mingle with like minded Expats - To all members, please join us at Ruth's Chris - one of Marina's well known venues.Join us for this fun evening where Rima will not only welcome you to the group but also introduce you to the other ladies and gents who attend.We are also at hand to assist if you have any issues or would like to be introduced to anyone specifically.

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We only ask that you are well behaved in our online and offline interactions with other members.

From the chandeliers and folded white napkins, to the discreet and attentive service, everything is done to deliver guests a sizzling experience.