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Many teenagers were abducted from Japan and foreign countries to be exploited for sexual proposes in child prostitution camp by international criminal organizations.However, things changed in the mid 1990s when Japan became an international destination for child sex tourism, particularly from the United States and Europe.

Even professional legal advisers from abroad who do not have previous knowledge on this issue end up failing to give accurate advice to their clients.This makes Japan have the highest age of consent in the developed world along with Turkey and several states in the United States such as California and Florida.Graph according to Wikipedia There are many criticism inside Japan especially against the obscene act, which the definition is extremely vague.For example, some places considers sexual penetration as obscene, while others may include touching and kissing.

The most extreme place even consider communication, walking together or staying at the same room as obscene. Sexual action with someone under the age of 13 is a felony which is punishable by up to 20 years of forced labor.This law protects every individual who is less than 13 years old. Civil Codes (民法 Min-pou)are laws which regulates civil agreements among the citizens, but also Defines everyone under the age of 20 as Juvenile.It protects the rights of the parents and its families. It is impossible for anyone in any occasion for anyone under this age to consent in any sexual behavior in Japan.There was a public out-roar when a 19 year old with mental difficulty was arrested for having a relationship with a 17 year old.