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28-Mar-2020 08:38

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Buddhist text do not delve too deeply into the idea of marriage because Buddhism leaves the decision to marry up to each individual person.

In Buddhism, marriage is not a religious obligation, a means for procreation, or a romantic notion of love.

Buddhism does not provide rules or traditions about marriage; instead, the religion offers advice to help a person live happily while they are married.

This advice is thought to help give people the best chance at a happy relationship.

If a person is living by the ideals of Buddhism and accepting someone for who they are and following the path of enlightenment, it stands to argument that they would never need a divorce because they would be fulfilled with their marriage and their partner.

It is also stated that separation is preferable to being miserable for a prolonged period of time.

This idea is not referring to worldly objects in the physical sense, but in a spiritual sense.

To achieve non attachment, one must detach from the idea of a perfect person and holding one’s partner to an impossible standard.

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Buddhism also made it clear that to prevent divorce; older men should not have younger wives.Marriage is a social construct that has changed vastly throughout the course of history.People married for a variety of reasons including: status, wealth, power and love.Accepting a partner for who they are, for who they are throughout their life no matter what changes, and making the best of every situation is how one achieves personal fulfillment in a romantic relationship.

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