Conn vintage one trumpet dating

31-Dec-2019 02:00

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I have never seen this horn listed in any of the old Conn catalogs either.

If anyone has any information I'd love to hear about it.

Easy response, a nice full sound, and an easy upper register are all desireable characteristics.

When I was given this horn to try at his shop some 10 years ago by my dear late friend Tom Lytle (a former Conn employee and master repairman RIP) I was playing a light-weight Bach.

I don't believe that there was a .464" bore." Anything Robb tells me I take as fact, he is the man, along with Niles Elderedge who has compiled the best Besson dating chart I know of.

The Benge MLP, long a favorite of lead players, is a direct copy of these old Besson "Brevettes." A truly sensational trumpet to play.

This is a .458 bore finished in satin and burnished gold.

Heavily gold plated, totally hand burnished, beautifully engraved, and a player to boot ! I obtained it in nearly mint condition with all the Conn accessories and case; rotary tuning slide to A, cornet shank, cleaning rod, mouthpiece, and lyre all gold plated.

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