Condoleezza rice dating football player

20-Apr-2020 06:52

The next morning, Mac Kay and Rice appeared at Tim Hortons and he remarked that the then-U. In her book, Rice admits the rumours were "kind of funny, if misdirected." "When I got home, I called Peter.‘A girl can't be seen with you without some scandal,' I joked. He is a good friend." Perhaps more surprising than her dismissal of the romantic rumors is the revelation that Rice was planning to resign from her position after her trip to Nova Scotia, worn out from the strain of managing America's foreign relationships in the wake of the fall of the twin towers.Amid questions about how Condi has shaped the face of our great American predicament, aka the Iraq war, Blitzer couldn't help asking for some dirt on Condi's life behind closed doors. She dished on Condi's strong taste for football players (we always knew she wanted to be Football Commissioner).Both Bumiller and Blitzer concurred that Condi is still seeing Gene Washington, a former NFL player and now the league's Director of Football Operations.Perhaps most famously, deceased Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi had what Rice described as an 'eerie" obsession with her.

She brought him to White House last year for Queen Elizabeth II's state dinner.After many ups and downs and continuous effort, today Rice is one of the talented and successful American political scientist and diplomats.Talking about her early life, she was born as only child of Angelena and John Wesley Rice, Jr.Ever since Condoleezza Rice and Peter Mac Kay were photographed smiling at a Nova Scotia Tim Hortons there have been rumours of romance between the politicians.

Now, Rice is addressing the gossip in her autobiography, "No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washington." In September 2006, the pair appeared in Nova Scotia to commemorate Canada's sheltering of Americans on 9/11. The comment led to speculation that the two may have spent the night together.

Mac Kay isn't the only foreign politician Rice has been linked to romantically.