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31-Mar-2020 03:57

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Chatroulette's main source of income came through advertising links to an online dating service.

One of the first things that garnered popularity for the site was a Brazilian soccer player posting a notice inviting like-minded people to talk about the sport on Chatroulette.

As of April 2016, he has almost 2 million subscribers and is still very active, posting content twice a week.

When the site first launched in November 2009, Chatroulette registered approximately 500 visitors per day.

Since Chatroulette doesn't require user registration, there has been a lot of criticism surrounding the web-conferencing site.

The site has developed a reputation for lewd images in chat sessions, and is often a platform for "cyber sex".

The site does have rules and guidelines that prohibit sexually explicit behavior but this does not entirely prevent it from occurring.

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This was in effort to encourage more meaningful interactions on the site, as well as increase the safety of all users.Hundreds of people logged on, and at that point, made up about 50% of the website's user-base.However, instead of the original intent of talking about the sport online, most of the users just "took off their clothes". In particular, the 2012 movie Smiley was based around a serial killer who frequented a site very similar to Chatroulette.Ben Folds, a singer-songwriter known for his talent as a pianist, implemented Chatroulette into a concert in North Carolina in May 2010. A prior video of an amazing hooded pianist on the site whom many thought to be Folds sparked the musician to make his own video.

The video featured both Folds' screen and his multiple encounters with Chatroulette users.The site intially only had 20 users and as the number of users kept doubling, he began working alongside a team of four other programmers.Chatroulette initially never spent money on advertisements and instead relied on word of mouth to spread awareness of the site.Notoriously, this lack of censorship leads to extreme voyeurism, 'public' nudity, and sexual acts.

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