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By allowing it, you will allow the application to show your webcam & mic to the cam girl.Pulse animation (while not in Old Animations mode) has had some minor changes done to it, it is now similar to the Blizzard one in terms of scale and smooths a little bit differently.Bug Fixes: Blizzard bumped the client version number in their most recent fast patch which triggered some 4.2 PTR compatibility code to activate, this in turn may have inadvertently broken Spell Alert auras.There are known issues with this release dealing with animations, these appear to be due to bugs within the animation API itself and the only known workaround is to switch on Old Animations.


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If no additional information is given in response, we will mark the ticket as Invalid.Just like imlive, you can see your webcam stream feedback in one corner of the screen.You are required to register for a cam to cam chat.Opinion: Imlive is great for those looking for pro.