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“Eventually, the project developed so fast and with so many more schools involved that we needed to add online meetings.”Like Sally, Arlene has found a way to put the Point 2 View USB Doc Cam to good use.Through Skype, Arlene was able to use the Point 2 View like a web cam to create invaluable “face time” for students in classrooms half a world away (such as Finland to Vietnam).She is also the creator of the Dear You art exchange program, which organizes classroom-to-classroom artwork sharing and cultural exchanges between countries.“It all started through letters and the exchange of pieces of art,” said Arlene.” One nice thing about the new-gen lightweight doc cams is that they’re ready to hit the road.Fold them down and they can travel most everywhere teachers do.And in some cases, they can even go where teachers can’t — like, say, into the middle of a tree.

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Real-time video brings the sort of interactivity and dynamism that static presentations can’t muster.From hiking trails to history museums, the ability for doc cams to both capture and stream material will be useful if not crucial.Perhaps unsurprisingly, most modern doc cams are also adept at capturing devices with screens such as smartphones and tablets.constructions, using a protractor, etc.) and students love having their work shown on screen (when they bring their work to my desk).”Document cameras may have first been designed to capture documents, but it’s clear they’re equally adept at capturing everything from human faces to birds in a tree to cells in a Petri dish.