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22-May-2020 13:27

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This construction was the most widespread, although it was rarely used in some periods.

“We have knit, crochet, weave, make baskets, quilters,” said Bonnie Montgomery, the program coordinator and past president of the group.

Until industrialism, the most labor-intensive task in creating chainmail was tediously making the wire.

“We take it for granted nowadays, but turning raw metal into a smooth, even wire is a very time and energy intensive process, and really only suited to the very ductile precious metals,” Cain said. Ring-shaped pieces were stamped out — some open, some closed.

“Most of what we think of as ‘chainmail’ is one very small family of patterns that was used in armor, dating back to at least 500 B. Chainmail uses a special pattern allowing itself to be used for garments other metals would be unable to build.

“There are a large number of other types of chain assemblies that do not work as sheets, and therefore cannot be made into armor,” Cain said.The earliest type of Japanese armours, called tanko, was of this construction.This type was almost forgotten, only to be reborn in the beginning of the 16th century.I think there is no other word that says so much with so few letters.