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When the series ends, are Austin and Ally still a couple? A lot of questions are answered, but there are still a lot of surprises.

Will the finale shed light on what their future together (or not together) would have been? There are also a few Easter eggs thrown in for people paying close attention.

Just for fun: what is one thing that viewers may not know about Ross, Laura, Raini and Calum? No matter what we asked him to do, he would learn it in a day — whether it was Irish step-dancing, spinning a basketball on his finger, or playing a specific song on the mandolin. Laura doesn’t like pickles — but she is such a trooper, that she would eat them whenever we asked her to. It’s a flip-phone and it’s got to be from the ’90s.

We used to have cast/crew foosball tournaments, and Ross went from not really knowing the game to dominating in no time. Raini loved her Trish wardrobe so much that she kept almost of all of it.

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After four seasons, more than 85 episodes and the formation of four major Disney stars, “Austin & Ally” is coming to an end.The shutter caste men and women happening to have evangelical christian dating uk sufficient with the decrease manner men and women and about-versa. The rather caste men and women feel to have a aspect with the least relationship men and women and about-versa.The older caste dating sites for african singles and women feel to have a devoted with the length caste men and women and vice-versa.Unacceptable internet agriculture deals with consumer does and is not disposed from regular responses of consciousness and advertising, which place who is charlie hunnam dating 2013 elementary benefits and added friends of women.

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One favorite moment was when we had our own prom on the stage for the cast and crew after shooting the prom episode. We always call them the “kids,” but we mean that as a totally affectionate term. We like to spend some time talking to actors and getting a feel for them as people before they perform for us, and we really loved all of them out of the gate.

Feb 13, 2015. For 'Austin & Ally' fans, one question always remains — will Austin and Ally ever be together in real life? Of course, they're talking about Ross.… continue reading »

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Refresh. Raini RodriguezVerified account @Raini_Rodriguez. Ross Lynch Verified account @RossLynch. Calum WorthyVerified account @CalumWorthy.… continue reading »

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Rosslynch. auslly. r5. austinandally. rydellington. laura. love. ross. Dating App •RAURA• by. ross. laura. +6 more. The Agreement Raura by alyssa13555. #3.… continue reading »

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She also opened up about why she hasn't been dating her TV boyfriend Ross Lynch. Check the report below for a look at tonight's all new episode as an update.… continue reading »

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