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#qualitycontrol People learn in different ways and like to mentally “check-out” on Facebook.Maybe I should record a video of me reading my ideas in addition to writing them, in order to please more friends. Update: I’ve been doing this (watch the videos below).There should be a service that offers confidential email/SMS/Skype/telephone support by trained individuals to those in need for a reasonable monthly subscription (e.g. If you’re a marketer/advertiser, it would be constant material to study.The owner of this station would be filthy rich and it would be insanely easy to program. Also, there should be a peanut butter emoji; jelly emojis need not apply.This would be a great way to affordably track valuable packages, your wallet, a pet, children, an elderly patient with dementia, etc.A site that has crowdsourced information about DJs. A smoke detector that would instantly turn off if you yelled, “I’m cooking!” A sensor that would detect when food needs to be stirred or flipped in order to be cooked just right.The challenge here is that the device would need to be heat-tolerant enough as to not melt.

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I could have the option to setup a geofence around a certain location and get alerts when/if a chip breaches the barriers I setup.So far, so good – even despite low-quality video production.Snapchat stories should be capped to a max length, say 60 seconds or less. This is a brain hack I picked up from Jane Mc Gonigal, a famous game designer who played games to recover from a serious concussion that threw her into severe depression, anxiety and confusion.Quickly and easily see if a piece of furniture will fit into a tight space or if those love handles are high and tight.

You’ll finally be able to toss those antiquated, clunky tape measures in the trash. C-reactive protein is a biomarker of inflammation in the body. I’d like to know how inflamed my body is every morning using an affordable saliva test I can take anywhere.The College Board (owner/publisher of the SAT) would buy this baby in a heartbeat.Nobody enjoys walking into a wall of unpleasant odor. If the odor is unpleasant, then a small light would turn red outside the bathroom’s entrance.Each clinic pays ,000 per month to be a part of your venture (,000/mo. In exchange, each clinic gets a full profile on your website. to run television, radio and online ads to direct traffic to your website that helps that traffic find qualified medical professionals based on their unique healthcare needs. One thing I think we are doing today that ‘might’ be unhealthy is slathering on sunscreen with reckless abandon. I’m not sure, but I think it’s a healthy conversation to have.