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In a tearful press conference after Tyler's death, Griffin-Heady called her pit bulls "my babies" and "What made them do that I will never know." In late March, the Yuba County DA declined to bring charges.

[source citations] Payton Sawyers, 15-months old, suffered life-threatening injuries after she was attacked by a pit bull-mix while under the care of her babysitters on January 6.

Two dog breeds each contributed to one death, including: Australian cattle dog and shar pei.

The unreleased breed data includes a family dog that killed an infant and a pack of dogs that killed a 58-year old man.

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She tends to find the broken ones as she wanders through life, (future psychologist maybe?

"The best way to avoid scaring or traumatizing your kids is to be honest, without getting into excessive details, and to talk in a kind and matter-of-fact way.

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